We are still operating during the COVID-19 Santa Cruz & Santa Clara County Shelter in Place Order as an Essential "Mental Healthcare" entity. We have adopted CDC cleaning guidelines and incorporated Pearson Assessment and the National Academy of Neuropsychology recommendations for cleaning and sanitizing testing supplies and maximizing safety. We are a "low traffic" provider and will have protective gear such as masks and/or gloves if requested. We sanitize our facility after each patient or professional interaction and will not operate if our staff has any symptoms of illness. We request that no one exposed to COVID-19 or that has cold or flu like symptoms schedule at this time. We are also offering some aspects of our practice through HIPAA complaint telemed/telehealth services.

What is a Neuropsych Evaluation?

A neuropsych evaluation is the process of determining¬†levels of cognitive¬†functioning inferred from psychometric testing data in order to render an accurate diagnosis, create a treatment plan, and then provide someone with a direction forward. Neuropsychological test results correlate with certain brain regions to infer “profiles” of neuropsychological strengths and weaknesses. Certain neuropsychological test score profiles are often pathognomic signs [very strong indicators] of certain disorders.

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