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Difference Between ADD ADHD

Difference Between ADD ADHD?

The difference between ADD ADHD is that ADHD is the actual DIAGNOSTIC NAME for the disorder, and ADD is a pop culture term used to describe one of ADHD’s subtypes!

ADHD is diagnosed as ADHD Predominately Hyperactive/Impulsive Presentation (or Combined Presentation) (ADHD) and ADHD Predominately Inattentive Presentation (ADD).

It really is that simple!

Difference Between ADD ADHD Summary:

In conclusion, there is no such diagnosis as ADD, so when someone asks or is unaware of the difference between ADD ADHD,  you can give them both the diagnostic reason and the symptomatic differences!

The best way to really find out the difference between ADD ADHD is to find a professional that can detect these differences and diagnose it properly.

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