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Gerard Chambers Biography

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Gerard Chambers Biography:

Biography: Dr. Gerard Chambers has served children, adolescents and adults with a multitude of mental health concerns. Most of his career has been focused on the neuropsych evaluation of mental disorders. He has also spent a great deal of his clinical experience evaluating with children and adolescents that possess significant behavioral issues in both inpatient and outpatient forensic settings. Dr. Gerard Chambers trained under renowned behavioral psychologist and Autism Expert Dr. Charles Stevens. Dr. Stevens is the psychologist that worked with the original “Rainman,” the basis of the 1980′s movie that highlighted the life of the Autistic Savant. Dr. Stevens completed a large portion of his training under Joseph Wolpe M.D., and this training heavily impacted how he supervised Dr. Chambers. During his extensive training Dr. Gerard Chambers was charged with performing a neuropsych evaluations for those needing to be diagnosed along the Autism Spectrum and other developmental disabilities. Dr. Chambers completed two years of HCG approved didactic training at Palo Alto University and his two year post-doctoral neuropsychological supervision with Neuropsychological Associates in Santa Rosa, CA, and in Fairmont and Highland Public Hospital part of Alameda Health Systems.

Dr. Chambers also has an extensive forensic background that will be explained in more detail here.

Dr. Chambers was recently on the LMN show Killer Kids Season 3, Episode 3 as a guest forensic expert. He also lectures nationally for AATBS EPPP licensure preparation in the areas of Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Learning Theory, Test Strategies & Ethics.

Dr. Gerard Chambers has also been an adjunct faculty at Eastern Florida State College since 2004 teaching online, on campus and hybrid classes in the subject areas of Abnormal Psychology, Human Adjustment, Developmental Psychology & General Psychology.

“Teaching is something that I love to do, for I was blessed with some of the most caring and talented teachers anyone could have asked for, and now it’s my turn to give back!”

After concluding his pre licensure post-doctoral internship hours, Dr. Gerard Chambers was a consultant with the 1-87 Light Infantry in Ft. Drum, New York, one of the most heavily deployed units in the United States Army. Dr. Gerard Chambers was awarded with two commendations for providing trainings to over 1,000 soldiers and their families. In addition, Dr. Gerard Chambers was presented with three coin commendations for excellence and a plaque commemorating his time with the 1-87 infantry. Dr. Gerard Chambers credits this experience as one of the most fulfilling and honored tasks in his entire career.

“I have never before in my life witnessed such hard work and sacrifice such as that which our servicemen, servicewomen and their families put forth on a daily basis.
 Each and every one of them is a shining symbol of Freedom, here and throughout the entire world.” – Thank You

Personal Philosophy of a Neuropsych Evaluation:

My personal philosophy is quite simple, neuropsychology is a scientific profession that is founded on the principle that a thorough neuropsych evaluation of a ‘problem,’ leads to a more effective and deliberate solution to the ‘problem.’ Often, mental health concerns are much more than bad choices or poor character, but rather, are better described as a disruption in the various ‘systems’ that underlie human behavior. We are biological, psychological and social beings. Disruptions in any of these systems can lead to mental health concerns and/or dysfunction in other systems. It is imperative that all of these areas of our functioning be assessed in a neuropsych evaluation in order for us to have the best chance for meaningful, lasting change! A comprehensive neuropsych evaluation along with the cooperation of other practitioners, such as psychiatrists, physicians, neurologists, speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists and counselors etc., provide a patient with the highest probability for success, because we all work together to treat the WHOLE patient! Court Ordered Evaluations and all forensic work should be performed with probity and honesty in a way that has the best interest of all parties involved, especially children.


01′ B.A., Psychology, Mid America Nazarene University
, 04′ M.S., Clinical Psychology, Capella University, 
07′ Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Ryokan College, 
10′ Ph.D., Psychology (Focus in Health Psychology), Capella University, 15′ Palo Alto University Certificate of Completion in Neuropsychology Area of Emphasis.

Association Memberships:

National Academy of Neuropsychology

Personal Interests:

Dr. Chambers enjoys playing roller hockey with his teammates at Water City Roller Hockey in Marina, CA.

Dr. Chambers is a proud husband and father to a daughter that attends Salesian Sisters School. 

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