ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Neuropsychological, & Mental Health Assessments Explained:

Neuropsychological Testing (Subtypes):


ADHD Dictionary

ADHD Testing/ADHD Assessments: Clinicians often use clinical judgment in diagnosing ADHD. However research suggests that an actuarial (statistical) measurement is far more accurate than clinical judgment. Neuropsychological testing that measures attention, effort, executive dysfunction is essential. Establishing  a longitudinal presence of ADHD in more than one setting and an in-depth clinical interview is also key. Ensuring that an ADHD pattern exits through neuropsychological testing, collateral interviews, checking for anxiety, depression, oppositional behavior, and other disorders that may look like ADHD is also essential. An ADHD evaluation based on neuropsychological testing typically requires 5 hours in person and is usually completed in 1-2 sessions. **If additional concerns exist, additional testing may be necessary.

Learning DisabilityLearning Disorder Assessment Testing/Learning Disability Assessments: A learning disability assessment is a full battery of neuropsychological testing that measures one’s approach toward learning. It includes measuring ones intelligence, academic functioning, learning and memory ability, attentional abilities,  mental health variables, effort and test taking approaches, executive functioning, visual motor ability (If applicable), adaptive functioning (If applicable), neuropsychological functioning (if applicable). A Learning Disability Evaluation typically require 8-10 hours in person. This can typically be completed in 2-3 visits depending on the level functioning.

NeuropsychologicalNeuropsychology Graphic Testing/Neuropsychological Assessments: Neuropsychological testing is similar to other evaluations and may include many measurements. Intelligence tests, academic tests, learning and memory tests, effort tests, symptom validity tests, attention tests, speeded tests, motor based tests, visual/perceptual based tests, constructional tests, calculation tests, executive functioning tests as well as computerized neuropsychological tests all measure brain insult. The purpose of this neuropsychological testing is to determine the level of functioning one has from a cognitive respective. Neuropsychological testing is also used to elucidate your current diagnosis and severity of your deficit after an injury. Neuropsychological testing typically require 5-12 hours of testing. This can typically be completed in 2-5 visits depending on the level functioning.

Mental Health AssessmentsMental Health Testing/Mental Health Assessments: An in-depth collaboration of interviews and psychometric tests that are targeted to assess one’s mental health functioning. This is a more nuanced approach and will be tailored base upon the needs of the patient. Mental Health Evaluations typically require 4-12 hours depending on the nature of the disorder. Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Behavior Disorders, Anxiety Disorder, Trauma Related Disorders are very complicated. They often have very overlapping presentations. Neuropsychological testing is the key to identifying effective treatments. **In some cases observation over time is required and this process

**Most evaluations come with a report (if applicable, a letter) that can be used as a 504 Plan or to receive academic or testing accommodations.

Depending on the severity or complexity of the case, reports take between 7-30 days. A timeline is provided to each person during the process.

Each report includes all of the information needed for accommodations and/or forensic opinions for:
  • -School Districts
  • -Universities
  • -Community Colleges
  • -Private Schools
  • -Places of Employment
  • -Medical Doctors
  • -Mental Health Providers
  • -Testing Centers (e.g. GED, EPPP, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, SATs etc.)
  • -Outpatient Settings
  • -Legal/Court Settings
  • -Medical Boards
  • -Psychological Boards
  • -Law Boards
  • -Civil Cases
  • -Capacity Hearings
  • -Sentence Mitigation
  • -SSI/SSDI Applications/Appeals