Forensic PsychologistWhat is a Forensic Psychologist?

Forensic psychology is when psychology and the legal system intertwine. A Forensic psychologist utilizes their clinical knowledge of mental and/or neurological disorders to offer an expert opinion regarding for a wide range of legal matters.

Forensic Assessments: Dr. Gerard Chambers has acted as a forensic psychologist, and in the filed of forensic neuropsychology as an expert witness for agencies, plaintiffs, and defendants in the CA Superior Court system. He has been hired to work on forensic matters involving, neuropsychology, risk assessment, criminal recidivism, ADHD, the capacity to participate in a custody proceeding, parental capacity, conservatorships, and cases involving deferred home sales, Police Officer rejection second opinion evaluations, and the capacity to create for wills and trusts. Dr. Chambers also performs court ordered evaluations for Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and Sonoma County Juvenile Dependency Court, as well as court ordered evaluations for Santa Cruz Juvenile Criminal Court, and Child Protective Services. Recently, Dr. Chambers has also secured a Santa Cruz County contract to provide learning disability/Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) evaluations to CalWorks participants. Dr. Chambers has also provided evaluations for prospective psychologists petitioning the California Board of Psychology for accommodations during the EPPP/CPSE examination process. Dr. Chambers also lectures and provides CLE units to attorneys in both Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County, covering a myriad of assessment and brain-based topics. Locations in Santa Cruz, San Jose, and San Francisco.

What Makes a Good Forensic Psychologist?

A good forensic psychologist always uses the most comprehensive and detailed evidence that can be brought forth in a manner that does not allow their report writing or testimony to be impeached. Fairness, reason, deduction, precision, hard work and impartiality are also essential characteristics of a good forensic psychologist.

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