Neuropsych Testing Forms:Gerard Chambers Forms

Neuropsych testing forms for all assessments and forensic work are all located in the links below. Please feel free to explore the intake form prior to your first visit so that you are able to understand the types of questions Dr. Chambers will be asking. Your developmental history is very important in most if not all cases, so having a parent, stepparent, relative, or someone that knew you early in your development is essential for an accurate neuropsychological assessment. Most disorders originate in the early developmental period so a detailed exploration of this timeframe is essential. Find out more about why you need good information about your neurodevelopment here. Disorders also change quite a bit as we age, and tracking the severity of symptoms throughout the lifespan is a very necessary process. An autism spectrum disorder diagnosis does not require that your symptoms be the most severe currently. There are many cases where children have much more severe symptoms and then adapt over time, making the ability to detect certain disorders quite challenging.

**Please note that in many cases, these neuropsych forms are not needed for court ordered evaluations assigned by a county. Usually, an additional separate contract or agreement will be needed for forensic work that is not assigned directly from a county agency or in cases where Dr. Chambers is not explicitly named in the court order. For each forensic case there will be a separate agreement in writing outlining the process. In some cases, there will be an addendum agreement for other cases such as cases where Dr. Chambers may be working as your expert to acquire accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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