MCAT Testing Accommodations:

MCAT Testing AccommodationsDr. Chambers has obtained MCAT testing accommodations [and other accommodations] of for a large number of students. Dr. Chambers has secured testing accommodations for the LSAT, GRE, SAT, CA Board of Psychology Exams [CPSE, EPPP], CA Bar Exam, the GED, ACT, and University Based Accommodations in almost all regions of the United States.

If you are seeking accommodations for any disability, it is important that you hire someone with experience. You may read blog posts about individuals being unable to secure MCAT testing accommodations, so why even bother? Basically, negative blogs can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, so why fall trap to them? Here are a few rules to follow regardless of whether you use Dr. Chambers or another neuropsychologist.

Avoid Discouragement:

Bloggers that try to prevent you from seeking accommodations are not helpful. It is often the neuropsychologist that you hire and the report they submit that causes the rejection, not your disability. There are times when individuals with “a newly assigned diagnosis” or some other issue may encounter difficulty when seeking accommodations. Most of the time an accommodation rejection is due to insufficient documentation or the report did not cover all of the benchmarks. All standardized exams have their own policy for the documentation that they require. Dr. Chambers looks at each area and ensures it is completed correctly. It is also noteworthy that two people with identical reports and conditions may have two separate outcomes. Sometimes agencies hire “consultants” to review your report, and often times the rejection is based upon ignorance of neuropsychology, a failure to read the report carefully, or in some cases inaccurate information. You have to be prepared for rejection, and even more prepared to fight for your legal right to be accommodated.

Dr. Chambers will provide you with a realistic appraisal of what to expect given his experience related to MCAT testing accommodation matters. Most important, MCAT testing accommodations, are by far, the most challenging to obtain. In most cases, the reason for MCAT testing accommodation rejections [or another accommodation rejection] is due to the report provided by the doctor.

Rejected? Why?:

The reason for rejection is often due to not following the pre-established polices or a failure in obtaining proper documentation. Furthermore, the MCAT accommodation board requires [3] basic types of documentation that are “weighted” based upon how important they are. They are Required, Strongly Recommended, and If Applicable [see below]. Other accommodation boards range from equally stringent documentation, to somewhat more lax. 

In addition, each business is required by law to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act. They are not, however, required to accept any and all reports or diagnoses if they do not follow their guidelines. Consequently, it is a tough “fight” but your fight becomes easier when you hire someone that understands the process. Please know that Dr. Chambers will see you through the entire process, at no additional charge.

What will I Need?:

The MCAT accommodation review team has specific requirements and places an emphasis on certain types of information. Here is an excerpt form their website:

Required: Most importantly, this type of document is necessary to complete your review. Specifically, this type of missing document is likely to result in an incomplete application (i.e., delayed determination).

Strongly Recommended: This document is typically necessary for a full review. Therefore, this type of omission may result in an incomplete application (i.e., a delayed determination).

If Applicable:  A type of documentation that may not be necessary. Therefore, we suggest that you submit the document to ensure your application is complete and that you remain on schedule for your review cycle.

Specific requirements for MCAT Testing Accommodations:

Additional accommodation policies can be found through a simple google search.



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